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The Birdybox: for moments of relaxation.

Our Birdybox relaxes from the moment you listen to it. Soothing nature sounds take you to a forest clearing with cheerful chirping of birds, where chirping intuitively relaxes you and makes you feel pleasantly free. The Birdybox doesn't need much time to do this: just 20 seconds.

Exploit the effect of birds chirping everywhere.

Thanks to the motion detector, the refreshing natural sounds are activated by the simple passage. The volume is individually adjustable, while the compact size and practical battery operation allow you to enjoy the Birdybox effect anywhere. On the coffee machine, on the bookcase, on the desk or on the windowsill: a moment of relaxation is welcome anywhere.

Hand polished brass with style.

Each box is a unique piece. The subtle traces at the front of the design are created by hand; each piece is completely unique. The polished brass displays an impressive mix of elegance and roughness. For the housing we use a natural material, sustainably obtained in Germany, while the packaging of the Birdybox is made from 100% recycled paper.

Our care advice.

Individual coloring and vibrant brass variation are intentional. Brass acquires character by itself. If you want a shiny surface, you can make it shiny with a normal polish.

- Sound: 20 seconds of birds chirping.

-Dimensions: width 75 x height 126 x depth 26 mm.

- Front: hand polished brass.

- Body: 100% natural material.

- Technology: motion sensor (reacts to changes in light), battery operated.

- Ideal for: entryways, hallway, kitchen, office and more.